Hooping makes you happy - Try it! You can't be sad and hula hoop. It just doesn't work. So - design yourself a gorgeous hula hoop and bring yourself some smiles when you need them the most. It's excellent exercise as well(heart rate, the more you hoop) - Will definitely keep you active the more you get in to hooping. It's a fun social activity also - Invite some of your friends to a park, warehouse, backyard and break out the hoops!

Don't make the excuse "I can't hula hoop" - Just because you couldn't keep the hoop up as a child doesn't mean you can't now. You won't know if you don't try - Which is also one of the most beautiful improving lessons of hooping... You learn by a PROCESS - not by an immediate win or lose. You have to keep trying to improve - and when you finally get it... Dang it, it's a good feeling. You'll have the biggest smile on when you finally nail your first trick or heck... even prove to yourself that you CAN hula hoop. You don't need hips, either, boys!

So before I keep on gushing about hooping - Lets get to the details of how to get one of your very own hoops made by me!

I make hoops with thin tubing, which produces a quicker, lighter hoop. It produces less bruising when learning tricks and getting used to hooping. First you need to pick a size of hoop - Eventually I will also carry thicker, heavier tubing for hoops. But not just yet. :)

Collapsible or Regular -

Collapsible hoops are ideal for people who plan on lots of traveling (airplane, trains, etc) that can't fit their hoop in their car or just want a smaller transportable hoop. The only different appearance wise is 2 slits in the tape on opposite ends of the hoop (minor). Ideally you want to collapse your hoop as little as possible to keep the tape from wrinkling on the insides if you have fancy tape on it. They fold out to be a fully functional hoop :) Nifty! Your hoop HAS to be collapsible if it's being shipped to you.

Regular hoops are ideal for just about anybody with your normal trunk space, back seat, or just wanting to hoop at home or in your backyard/park. They're very thin so honestly they can be bent to fit smaller places if necessary.

Large hoop - A larger hoop produces a slower rotation - It's relaxing and calming (vs a smaller quicker hoop which is more of an energetic hooping) and makes for good learning. I will put up a video of a larger hoop in use as soon as I can get the footage taken.

Medium hoop - For intermediate hoopers, people who want to learn more tricks (as a step up from a thicker tubing hoop or as a smaller size from your large hoop) or people who just want a hoop with less drag and more fluidity to it.

Small hoops - It is possible to hoop with a smaller hoop, but usually these are used for 'twin' hooping, or using 2 hoops that are identical (or diff colors, doesn't matter) for poi influenced moves, or just general multi-hooping (advanced, once you get used to normal hooping).
Small hoops can also be used for isolation play, which is very fun if you ask me! It's hoop dance, but without actually putting it on your torso - You manipulate the hoop to create interesting visual effects.

If you're unsure, you can always try one of my hoops at any event I will be at (arrange this before hand just to make sure if you can!) to see what size you like. For the most part I should have hoops for sale at the events I am booked to be at - So if you find one you like and it's not reserved, get it! :) OR ask me what size it is, and message me on here with details of what tape you'd like and we'll get it done.

NEXT!! Colors of tape - If you don't know exactly what KIND of tape you want - Just message me what colors you are interested in and I can narrow down the search for you! I will help you customize your hoop to fit your budget as best i can and still make it look flippin SWEET! :D

[[More colors coming soon! Start up costs are expensive, man!]]
[Click on these, they get bigger!]

I also carry glow in the dark tape as well at photo-reflective tape.

I talk a lot but it's really simple. General hoop size (if you have an idea, if not I can just give you a standard 37") and colors that you like, or want on your hoop.

Make sure you visit the Neon Hoops album in my photos to see hoops I've already made - Any of them can be re-made just for you, or in different colors!

Click the pic to go to the album. Happy hooping!

Check out this video of people hooping at Burning Man... Look at all those smiles. =)
So many different people, male and female, different methods, different flows. Aahh -happy sigh-